Announcing JitHub – A UWP GitHub Client

It’s not often for anyone to get a chance to announce a project coming to fruition. Well today is that day for me. I’ve been working on JitHub on and off for about a year and half now. It went from an idea that I just wanted to experiment with to a full-blown app that I can self-host. It took many late nights, personal time, and collaboration to be where JitHub is today. It’s not a mature project by any means, and I still have tons, and I say tons, of ideas that I want to implement. Its future is still ahead of us, but, today, let me take you on a journey of how it came to be.

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Microsoft’s Modern Windows Issue: Attempts To Modernizing Windows (for a decade)

It’s hard for a company of Microsoft’s size to stay relevant, let alone turning itself around. It somehow became the biggest company in the world, and that’s impressive. However, what this article talks about is not how this company is run but a much smaller topic. Giving them full credit of running the company so well does not mean I cannot complain about the little things that drive me crazy. Watching them to become more successful is painful to an old fan like myself. Microsoft use to be the Windows and Office company. Nowadays it’s more successful with Azure and Office365. For an old fan, it’s like seeing your divorced wife selling your engagement ring for something more practical. You can definitely understand it given the circumstances, but it still breaks your heart. 

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