Thoughts On Project Reunion

Although Build 2020 was a online virtual event, it was a fun and full of great announcement, one of which is Project Reunion. Combined with the first preview of WinUI 3, it became the biggest tech story of the day. As a .NET developer, this is a very good news because it unifies all project types into .NET 5 and modernized the desktop app development story.

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Vader In Blazor – Giving My Programming Language A Purpose

This is a long over due follow-up of my original blog about the programming language, Vader, I’m currently developing. Vader Compiler is implemented in C#, and it’s under active development under this repo. My original goal was to develop it into a mature language with it’s own ecosystem, but given the man power and number of other languages available out there, that goal seems unlikely to reach. This does, however, makes me think of another idea for where Vader can go.

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