When Blazor Meets SkiaSharp

It’s been a while since I posted anything. I wish this one is about JitHub as it’s definitely due for an update, but that’ll have to wait as I’m still working on the next feature. Today we are talking about something different, Skia and Blazor. I’ve always wondered about these two and the possibilities of combining them. Due to the lack of experience in, well, anything related to them, I’ve never been able to make any real progress. That is, until this pull request made by the awesome Matthew Leibowitz added Blazor support to SkiaSharp. What does that enable? Well, keep reading~

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The Truth About Learning Micro-Service

I can’t speak for most programmers, but I started my career by taking courses online. That’s right, the courses I learned from my undergraduate degree are too theoretical for anything in the real world, so I took upon myself to learn about web/app development. It didn’t take long as there are very good resources out there on websites like Udemy, Coursera, Pluralsight, edX and more. Pretty soon, I reached the point where all web developers would reach at some point of their career, learning micro-service. It’s all about Docker, container, Kubernetes and orchestration. Feel lost yet? Well I did. Not because all of these terms are overwhelming because the courses that teach these things are pretty reasonably paced, but, as soon as you finish the course, you forget how to do micro-service. I have figured out the reason why.

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Vader In Blazor – Giving My Programming Language A Purpose

This is a long over due follow-up of my original blog about the programming language, Vader, I’m currently developing. Vader Compiler is implemented in C#, and it’s under active development under this repo. My original goal was to develop it into a mature language with it’s own ecosystem, but given the man power and number of other languages available out there, that goal seems unlikely to reach. This does, however, makes me think of another idea for where Vader can go.

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Start of a journey: Building a programming language(Vader)

Yea… Something’s gotten into me, and, somehow, I’m building a programming language and a compiler. Later on, there will also be an IDE, VS Code plugin, and frameworks built arount it.

This one won’t be long, but it’s the start of the long journey that I’m taking(or at least trying to). I will write down what I have learned and thoughts along the way. I have decided to call my programming language ‘Vader’ because my next language will be called Kylo and will finish what this one has started.

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How & Why Microsoft Should Adopt “Android”

This article is something I have been cooking up for some time now. I finished most of it a week before my hackathon last weekend, but I had to shift focus to the hackathon as we had a commitment to build a complete software solution for a local non-for-profit organization. Now that I have fully recovered from the busy two weeks of planning and hacking, I here present to you my view on the subject matter.

Microsoft should adopt “Android” and make a mobile device.

Whenever this topic/opinion is brought up, people often have different oppositions. The argument is mostly about that Android is owned by Google and that Microsoft needs to depend on them. This is exactly why I put “Android” in quotes. I don’t exactly mean Android. You can say it’s a click bait, but I mean AOSP, ie. Android Open Source Project. Let’s, for the sake of simplicity, call this imaginary version of Microsoft’s AOSP MOS (Microsoft OS). What are my arguments? Let me explain.

Cousin MOS(e)
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Hello World

Hello world is always the first word of any program. This will be a long running blog effort of mine. I plan to release a blog every day(of any day that I learned something new).
A little about myself. My name is Nero. I am a software engineer currently located in BC, Canada. I like programming(frontend/backend web, game development, mobile apps, IOT), video games, hiking, DIY, Marvel movies, DC comics. I’m interested in general mathematics, physics and quantum computing.

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