How I Refactored My ExpressJS Code(A Chat App)

Refactoring is something every programmer has to do once in a while. You start to write something. You search around to find out how everything works and piece them together in your program. Now that everything works, sort of. You want to start thinking about code maintenance before it gets out of control. Now that you have a proof of concept, you want to refactor it to scale up. We’ve all done it, and it’s not easy if the framework you work with is unfamiliar to you.

Express + Typescript

Pretty much every web developer has worked with ExpressJS some point in their programming life. I have too. But this time it’s a little bit different for me. It’s Typescript. I have never worked with Typescript before, let alone writing a ExpressJS backend in it. So I decided to document down how I did it and how I refactored it to be scalable.

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