Thoughts On Project Reunion

Although Build 2020 was a online virtual event, it was a fun and full of great announcement, one of which is Project Reunion. Combined with the first preview of WinUI 3, it became the biggest tech story of the day. As a .NET developer, this is a very good news because it unifies all project types into .NET 5 and modernized the desktop app development story.

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Thoughts on Surface Duo: I Told You So!

I don’t want to say I told you so, but it’s just too tempting. Yes, I told you so! Not long after I published my article about how and why Microsoft should adopt Android, Microsoft adopted Android. It’s not exactly like the way I described in my article, but it’s a baby step and I will take it as a win. I don’t have inside information. I’m just an old Windows Phone fan who moved on. I moved on so I can see which direction Microsoft is moving on too. Yep, in case it’s still not clear, it’s Android.

Microsoft announced Surface Duo in October 2019. It runs Android, and it has two screens. Let’s talk about it.

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Microsoft’s Modern Windows Issue: Attempts To Modernizing Windows (for a decade)

It’s hard for a company of Microsoft’s size to stay relevant, let alone turning itself around. It somehow became the biggest company in the world, and that’s impressive. However, what this article talks about is not how this company is run but a much smaller topic. Giving them full credit of running the company so well does not mean I cannot complain about the little things that drive me crazy. Watching them to become more successful is painful to an old fan like myself. Microsoft use to be the Windows and Office company. Nowadays it’s more successful with Azure and Office365. For an old fan, it’s like seeing your divorced wife selling your engagement ring for something more practical. You can definitely understand it given the circumstances, but it still breaks your heart. 

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