When Blazor Meets SkiaSharp

It’s been a while since I posted anything. I wish this one is about JitHub as it’s definitely due for an update, but that’ll have to wait as I’m still working on the next feature. Today we are talking about something different, Skia and Blazor. I’ve always wondered about these two and the possibilities of combining them. Due to the lack of experience in, well, anything related to them, I’ve never been able to make any real progress. That is, until this pull request made by the awesome Matthew Leibowitz added Blazor support to SkiaSharp. What does that enable? Well, keep reading~

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Announcing JitHub – A UWP GitHub Client

It’s not often for anyone to get a chance to announce a project coming to fruition. Well today is that day for me. I’ve been working on JitHub on and off for about a year and half now. It went from an idea that I just wanted to experiment with to a full-blown app that I can self-host. It took many late nights, personal time, and collaboration to be where JitHub is today. It’s not a mature project by any means, and I still have tons, and I say tons, of ideas that I want to implement. Its future is still ahead of us, but, today, let me take you on a journey of how it came to be.

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Vader In Blazor – Giving My Programming Language A Purpose

This is a long over due follow-up of my original blog about the programming language, Vader, I’m currently developing. Vader Compiler is implemented in C#, and it’s under active development under this repo. My original goal was to develop it into a mature language with it’s own ecosystem, but given the man power and number of other languages available out there, that goal seems unlikely to reach. This does, however, makes me think of another idea for where Vader can go.

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